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You : Financial companies (LU)

Financial companies (Luxembourg)

Financial companies include companies with activities in portfolio management, investment, private equity or the holding and management of equity participations.

Do you need more information about the tax and regulatory aspects of your work?
Do you plan to generate periodic statements or net asset values?
Do you need support in administrative organisation and/or management?
Has managing your financial company’s accounts become so complex that you wish to delegate it to a reliable external partner?
Do you need help resolving a dispute with public authorities?

Our main services for Luxembourg financial companies

  • Support in launching your activities
  • Keeping and monitoring your accounts
  • Advice and preparation of your tax returns (VAT and income tax)
  • Payroll management
  • Customised guidance in each phase of your development
  • Advice on structuring your activities
  • Help and support with administrative formalities if you cease activity
  • Advice on registration duties applicable to corporate actions
  • Guidance in your restructuring operations
  • Litigation management and liaising with the authorities
  • Organisation of conferences and training on request




Payroll accounting
Financial engineering

Financial engineering



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