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You : Individuals (including self-employed), company managers and qualified professionals

Individuals (including self-employed), company managers and qualified professionals (Belgium and Luxembourg)

Are you an employee and would like to have your tax return prepared by a specialist?
Do you plan to start a new business as an independent and wish to be guided through the administrative formalities?
Are you a self-employed worker residing in Belgium and conducting business activities in Luxembourg (or vice versa) and want professional assistance in completing your VAT returns with tailored accounting advice?
Are you a qualified professional (professions libérales) in Luxembourg or Belgium who needs detailed tax advice to expand your practice?
Are you a cross-border worker and looking for a chartered accountant versed in Belgian and Luxembourg law?

Our main services for individuals, the self-employed, business managers and professionals

  • Support in launching your activities
  • Keeping and monitoring your accounts
  • Advice and preparation of your tax returns (VAT and personal income tax)
  • Payroll management and HR outsourcing (Luxembourg only)
  • Customised guidance in each phase of your development
  • Help and support with administrative formalities if you cease activity
  • Advice on registration duties and inheritance tax
  • Litigation management and liaising with the authorities
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Expertise fiscale


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Financial engineering

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